TABC – 3rd Edition of the international conférence : «FINANCING INVESTMENT & TRADE IN AFRICA»


Tunisie-Tribune (FINANCING INVESTMENT & TRADE IN AFRICA) – Tunisia-Africa Business Council is organizing the 3rd edition of the international conference «FINANCING INVESTMENT & TRADE IN AFRICA», on 4 and 5 February 2020, at the Hotel Laïco Tunis.

For this new edition, TABC’s ambition is more than ever to continue to make the voice of the private sector heard on the themes of financial support in Africa, on the major structuring themes for our African economies, on the implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area (FTACAF), the business environment, sectoral development strategies, local transformation, industrialization and improved competitiveness and many other vital issues for our continent.

FITA2020 will also be the flagship event to connect Tunisian companies with pan-African and international donors to finance themselves and accelerate their growth on the continent. More than 2000 Btob are programmed.

The launch of the ambitious American program «Prosper Africa», a first in Africa, organized by the American Embassy and the AMCHAM in partnership with TABC, will take place on 06 February 2020.

A special workshop on “Rebuilding Libya” is scheduled for 05 February 2020.

FITA2020 will be the unifying event, a catalyst for all the solutions for connecting and financing African economies. FITA2020 will constitute this crossroads, place of exchange, sharing, networking between English-speaking, French-speaking, Portuguese-speaking and Arabic Africa and will allow :

  • To meet with Africa’s most influential donors, Ceos and investors
  • Identify new business opportunities with future and current partners
  • To promote your businesses at one of the most important African business events
  • Learn how to orient your business strategy to current economic trends

Five Ministers, a dozen advisers of the African presidents, more than a hundred Ceos from 25 countries of the continent and 4000 Tunisian economic operators are expected at this 3rd edition of FITA2020.

A leading African event in Tunisia on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of TABC, which is becoming the Annual Meeting par excellence for financing, investment and development of inter-African trade.


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